Medic Roller Plant Extract Hydrating Modeling Mask


•Sooth and moisturize

•Balance oil, nourish and brighten

•Rejuvenate and supple

Brand Name
Medic Roller
Place of origin
Suitable Skin Types
All skin types
Firming, Whitening, Hydrating

What is a modeling mask? Modeling masks (sometimes called "rubber masks", "alginate masks", or "soft masks") are professional facial commonly used in nursing. These styling masks start in powder form and turn into a paste-like texture by adding different types of activators, including water. Then apply the paste mask mixture all over your face and let dry before peeling off a large rubber sheet.

Peppermint's antiseptic properties help treat acne, blemishes, and excess sebum that clogs pores. Not only does the peppermint face mask help to remove impurities from the skin, but it also provides a post-facial cooling sensation, so your skin looks and feels refreshed all day long!

♥ Spa grade
♥ Professional use
♥ Cools and rejuvenates the skin
♥ Treats acne and blemishes
♥ Reduces sebum and clogged pores

plant extract powder mask
no alcohle,hormones additions


how to use

Mix plant extract powder mask with water. Apply evenly over face and neck and leave on for 15-20 minutes on cleansed and toned skin. Peel it into pieces. Optional follow-up skin care regimen.

tremella extract
true evaluation,witness the skin compact and enhance.

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