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With R&D as the core orientation and a professional attitude to complete every detail, Strive to create and develop excellent products to achieve sustainable development of enterprises. Equality, mutual benefit, inclusiveness, respect, equal treatment, a variety of optimization solutions to meet different customer needs, customer achievement, win-win future.

Company Profile


Creative factory

  • 32000m2

    Advanced production plant

  • 18lines

    International first-class production line

  • 1000m2

    Intelligent R&D Lab

  • Class 10000

    GMP standard production workshop

Guangzhou Huile Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales and service as one of the modern production enterprises. Many years of cosmetics and skin care formula research and development experience, tens of thousands of mature and stable formula, to ensure that the product in the industry leading level.

The factory has passed GMPC, ISO22716 SGS certification and many domestic and foreign scientific research institutions for technical exchange and close cooperation, such as the UK Molecular and Biological Science Research Center and Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine.

  • 1. Good quality control
  • 2. Very competitive price
  • 3, the most advanced technology products
  • 4. The most professional cosmetics R&D team
  • 5. Smooth communication
  • 6. Effective OEM and ODM services"

The global turnover is about $1.2 billion.

Company Profile
Company Profile
Company Profile

Hulexia has 32,000 square meters of garden-like plant, 18 world-class production lines, 1000 square meters of intelligent research and development laboratory, 100,000 level of GMP international standard production lines, has a number of national patent formula, the use of biotechnology technology and brand management philosophy, research and development of traditional Chinese medicine, herbal formula mining. Adhere to the balance law of combining science and technology with traditional Chinese medicine, provide consumers with high-quality natural skin care products, from a new perspective and intimate humanistic care, for your healthy and beautiful skin escort.

Company Profile
Company Profile

Adopt domestic advanced Vacuum high speed homogenizing emulsification equipment

Can ensure that the cream lotion products greatly reduce the amount of emulsifier, so that the product on the skin more gentle.

Second Company


Creative factory


Guangzhou Jixuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. promotes the latest butler OEM processing service concept, and will provide you with a set of comprehensive, three-dimensional planning, processing, marketing, training and other services. The company has an advanced production factory of 12000 square meters, an advanced production workshop that exceeds the national standard, international assembly line equipment, and the production conditions and capabilities of various types of cosmetics, To achieve the goal of "making customers safer and more secure" advocated by the enterprise in an all-round way, relying on its strong production and marketing capacity and the world's leading R&D technology, and promoting and marketing in 25 countries and regions around the world.

Second Company
Second Company
Second Company

Third Company

Guangzhou Jiwei Group headquarters is located in Qingyuan City national high-tech zone Tongsheng Chuangzhi Valley fashion beauty industrial Park. It covers a total area of 32,000 square meters. With 16 fully automated production lines, the output value of a single product can reach 600,000 per day. Achieve a breakthrough in the annual saturated gross product online 2 billion. Relying on the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to achieve the construction of intelligent, intelligent, automated three-Z future factory.


Creative factory


The headquarters has now built an open intelligent independent experiment center of 2800 square meters. It has 12 national bioengineers and 15 associate professor-level pharmacists. In the future, the group will base on the secret formula of Chinese magic herbal medicine and realize the combination of Chinese and Western pharmacology to break through the effectiveness, safety and high efficiency of efficacy products.

Third Company

Development History

Everything in the past is yesterday,accumulate experience and continue on the road

  • 2003

    Event One

    Study in Swiss CRB Bio
  • 2006

    Event Two

    the Advanced Biological Skincare Research Institute was established. In the same year, the Medic Roller brand was founded.
  • 2010

    Event Three

    Guangzhou Jixuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Was founded and has successfully transformed into a production and R&D enterprise.
  • 2017

    Event Four

    the 100000 level purification workshop with GMPC standard,after 13 years of precise positioning, Jixuan has been delivering the best functional products for global VIP customers.
  • 2021

    Event Five

    Jixuan upgraded to Huile Factory.
  • 2022

    Event Six

    Huile's own production plant was built in Qingyuan City, Guangzhou, and called Jiwei.

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