Medic Roller Plant Extracts Invisible Pore Face Primer


•Anti-aging and anti-oxidation

•Mild and non-irritating

•UV protection.

Brand Name
Medic Roller
Place of origin
Suitable Skin Types
ALL skin types
Anti-aging, UV protection, Sunscreen

Invisible Pores Facial Primer is a soft primer that smoothes out pores and fine lines. The amaranth, rutin and chamomile are excellent anti-free radicals for the skin, effectively soothing skin irritation from UV rays. It also enhances and prolongs the look of your make-up and really moisturises the skin while fighting all day glow. Cruelty Free, Vegan, Paraben Free, Non-comedogenic

Suitable for sensitive skin, the lightweight formula visibly evens skin tone, creates a smooth base for foundation, and helps makeup go on better and last longer.

Great on its own or under makeup, the invisible pore face primer gives skin an instant soft-focus, blurred effect and minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines.

Simultaneously matte and hydrating, it fights to shine all day to keep makeup looking fresh, while the hyaluronic acid-infused formula helps hydrate and condition to keep skin comfortable under makeup all day.

What is the function of invisible pore face primer?

* Refreshing texture, crystal clear, skin breathes smoothly
* Makes skin smooth and delicate while covering pores
* Contains oil control powder, absorbs excess oil, dilutes fine lines, and lasts for bright makeup
* Protects skin from cosmetics and external damage
* Invisible pores, tighten the skin, make makeup easy to set, long-lasting makeup
* Mild texture, suitable for all skin types, non-irritating to the skin
* Foundation base, protect the skin, isolate cosmetic damage, anti-greasy
* Provide instant soft focus and blur effect

Medic Roller Plant Extracts Invisible Pore Face Primer
Medic Roller Plant Extracts Invisible Pore Face Primer



How to use invisible pore face primer?

1. Dab a pea-sized amount of facial primer onto your fingers, then gently rub it into your face,
2. Spread evenly on the entire face or T-zone,
3. Pay special attention to your laugh lines and the area under your nose to make them look and feel smoother.

Order of use: Use skin care products first, then use this primer, and finally apply foundation.
You can use this primer every day with no harm to your skin, ensuring you can use it every day.
This makeup base helps hide your pores, makes your skin look smooth, sets a good base for your makeup, prolongs the life of your foundation, and gives you a matte, oil-free base.
Also great for oily and dry skin looking for a perfectly poreless and smooth finish.

Medic Roller Plant Extracts Invisible Pore Face Primer
Medic Roller Plant Extracts Invisible Pore Face Primer

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