Oem/odm Tear Film Quickly Lose Weight Belly Button Patch For Weight Loss


•Burning fat and body shaping

•Removing cold and humidity

•Automatic film forming, herbal extraction


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All skin types
Weight lossing, Body shaping

Made of 100% natural ingredients, Belly Button Patch For Weight Loss slowly releases its active ingredients into your blood, significantly improves your blood circulation, increases your body metabolism to a 24-hour cycle, burns fat while you sleep, and accelerates Fat burning process, blocks fat absorption into your body and reduces hunger pangs during the day.

This product effectively blocks the absorption of fats, sugars, and starches, helping to balance poor appetite. It also helps to eliminate fat and toxins from the body while tightening the skin. Natural herbal plants have the function of a natural transdermal accelerator, which can quickly penetrate the skin and enter the human circulatory system through the navel. Since the patch is extracted from natural herbs, it does not cause diarrhea. In addition, the weight loss rate is higher with the patch than with the pill because it bypasses the digestive system, liver, and kidneys. Its active ingredients are also preserved. Just apply the slimming patch to the navel area to complete a treatment session.

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Benefits of Belly Button Patch For Weight Loss • Effectively increase metabolism • Burn fat and calories quickly • Eliminate excess fat • Helps reduce appetite • 100% no side effects • Improves bowel movements • Removes harmful toxins • Improves blood flow • Removes air from the body • Improves sleep quality This product effectively prevents The absorption of fats, sugars, and starches helps to balance the loss of appetite. 

This product can be widely used by men, women, children, and girls.
Healthy weight loss and improving stomach upset, improving indigestion.


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