Oem/odm Digestion Patch Belly Stickers For Weight Loss


•Intangible cultural heritage, ancestral formula

•Pure herbs, no additives

•Deep penetration

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Our Belly Stickers For Weight Loss are made of high-quality natural ingredients, which cooperate with the body's own endocrine system to lose weight by increasing the metabolic rate. It also actively blocks further fat absorption and removes accumulated toxins from the body. It is also very comfortable to wear at home or in the office. Made from high-quality natural ingredients, it is a very effective natural weight-loss method. It works with the body's own endocrine system, including the glands that control the body's metabolic rate, to reduce weight by increasing it. The Slim Patch also actively blocks the absorption of more fat, increases circulation, and removes built-up toxins from the body.

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Healthy natural ingredients – natural plant ingredients, safe and non-irritating. Tea extract can restore loose skin to delicate and firm skin. Ivy extract nourishes and moisturizes dry skin, softens the skin, and keeps the skin moist and elastic.

Excellent results – Slimming patches evenly block and reduce the absorption of fats, sugars, and starches, helping to burn the accumulated fat in the body.

Breathable, safe, and non-irritating – the slimming patch won't bring you a damp and stuffy feeling after you put it on your body. It has good stickiness, easy to stick on the navel.
NO EXERCISE OR DIETING REQUIRED – If you think dieting and exercising is painful and hard to stick to, then you really need this weight loss patch to help you get that body that everyone will envy. Slimming patches help keep your waist and constipation slim and healthy. It is especially suitable for those who lack exercise, is weak, and are obese.


1. Stick it directly on the navel, it is better to use a warm towel before sticking, which is more conducive to absorption.
2. If your skin is sensitive to the patch, you can apply some water around the navel before using it, the basic problem is allergy can be solved.
3. To lose weight for all skin types, you should also combine exercise and maintain a healthy diet. This is the key point.

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