Oem/odm Lightening Spots Whitening Freckle Cream


•White and brightening

•Lighten spots

•Improve dark and yellowish complexion

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All skin types
Freckle removal

Lightening spots whitening freckle cream is the perfect beauty product for those who want to lighten freckles and uneven skin tone while moisturizing the skin at the same time. It's also affordable! Ditch expensive skincare routines and try our affordable yet effective products for beautiful, radiant skin.

Your freckles simply won't go away and it's driving you crazy. That's okay, you can't get through a day without constantly reapplying your makeup. It's time to bring your life back to life with Whitening Cream! With its moisturizing, brightening, and soothing properties, this product will help you regain your confidence and get rid of pesky freckles once and for all.

Hate looking like a leopard? Get rid of freckles and enjoy a smooth, luminous complexion with IMAGES' Whitening Freckle Cream!
You don't have to live with freckles. With IMAGES Freckle Cream, you can keep your skin looking smooth and refreshed. It contains a powerful blend of ingredients to gently exfoliate and moisturize while brightening ingredients prevent the recurrence of freckles. You'll have beautifully smooth, even-toned skin!
Protect your skin from the sun with our non-irritating, hypoallergenic formula for smooth skin. Lighten freckles and improve skin tone with our gentle face cream that also acts as a moisturizer, anti-aging solution, and sunscreen.

Oem/odm Lightening Spots Whitening Freckle Cream
Oem/odm Lightening Spots Whitening Freckle Cream


Main features:

*Spots are visibly reduced, and skin tone gradually becomes whiter. 
*Lighten dark spots and regenerate flawless skin.
*Protects and nourishes the skin during the day, preventing hyperpigmentation.
*Nourishes the skin evenly at night, reduces pigmentation/lightens spots.
*The texture is light and thin, easy to push, easy to dissolve, and not sticky or stuffy.

[How to use] 1: Clean the face 2: Take an appropriate amount of cream 3: Apply evenly on the face, massage gently until absorbed 4: Follow-up skin care Precautions: ①. Please test on the arm before use. If there is any adverse reaction, please stop using, it and then contact us to solve the problem. ②. Under normal circumstances, it will take about 1 week to have an effect. If your radiation spots, freckles, and macula are serious, it is recommended that you buy 3 bottles and use them for a cycle. ③. Apply directly to the spots, it is recommended to use it alone at night, and pay attention to sun protection.

Oem/odm Lightening Spots Whitening Freckle Cream
Oem/odm Lightening Spots Whitening Freckle Cream


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