Oem/odm Postpartum Repair Firming Breast Enlarge Breast Serum


•Plant nutrition, green and natural

•Fast acting

•Firm,and plump breasts

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Breast enhancement

This breast enhancement serum is made up entirely of highly effective natural ingredients. Papain is a nutritious, blood circulation, nerve nutrition, beauty, detoxification and breast enlargement ingredient. It promotes blood circulation, strengthens the spleen and stomach, enhances the immune function of the body and is absorbed by the organism, with the effect of enhancing human immunity and breast enlargement.

It is specially designed for the delicate skin of women's breasts to give them a silky soft feeling with a visible firming effect. It will moisturise and nourish the delicate skin of your breasts, smoothing out wrinkles while providing firmness. Daily care with massage maintains good microcirculation, moisture and nutrients in the skin.

Useful both in prevention and maintenance, this lightweight serum with a fresh and silky touch uses a complex of different natural active ingredients that work on several fronts to improve elasticity and tone and enhance the beauty of the breasts. This part of the body, so important and delicate, needs special attention because the breast skin tissue has the function of container support: it is important to protect it and keep it toned, firm and elastic; many times, breast tension is affected by skin muscle tension Serious challenge for natural sagging, which is also caused by weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding.

chest nutrient solution
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Naturally lifts, tightens, and enhances breasts
Get Fuller, Fuller Breasts in Just 2 Weeks
5x Collagen Boost
Restores firmness to sagging skin
Eliminate stretch marks and cellulite


Thoroughly cleanse your body with a mild cleanser, then pat dry.
Use your fingers to apply oil with gentle upward strokes and circular motions.
Leave in, and leave to air dry.
Use it every morning and afternoon for better results.

breast plant oil
use continuously the effect is remarkable

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